Filmmaker and War Correspondent Michael Ware Joins HMMG

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Michael Ware is the multi-award-winning director and producer of the HBO documentary Only the Dead, an unflinching and gritty chronicle of his near-decade long coverage of the Iraq War.

Ware has joined HMMG for representation in Australia with a view to expand his media, speaking and production projects in this territory. He splits his time between Los Angeles and his hometown of Brisbane.

Prior to forming the independent TV and film company, Penance, Ware was Chief Primetime Foreign Correspondent for CNN, reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, the Republic of Georgia, and Mexico.

He most recently hosted Uncensored with Michael Ware, an eight-part documentary series for National Geographic that takes viewers on a raw and unapologetic journalistic adventure: from the savage Papua New Guinea highlands in search of women accused of witchcraft all the way to the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood paparazzi.

Uncensored was created by Justine A. Rosenthal (former foreign policy scholar and Executive Editor of the global newsmagazine Newsweek) and Executive Produced by Ware, Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Friday Night Lights), Michael Lawrence (Bra Boys, Fighting Fear, The Crew), Brandon Carroll and Matthew Goldberg for Film 45.

Michael succeeded in producing a special episode for National Geographic featuring the Dalai Lama. Over last weekend the special was screened to an audience of 25,000 at the University of California (San Diego) where His Holiness was speaking.

Michael and his partner in Penance Films, Justine A. Rosenthal, will be in Australia during July for meetings.