Stuart Diver

Stuart Diver

Author, Speaker

The rescue and miraculous survival of Stuart Diver after 65 hours buried in freezing rubble and debris, captured the attention of a nation and proved to be a story of courage against adversity.

Stuart rebuilt his life at Thredbo and he continued to work in the ski school for many years. After some time away he has moved back to Thredbo and still works at the resort. He commentated for the 1998 Winter Olympics for the Seven Network and wrote a book titled Survival, which tells of his experiences and provides people with the inspiration to gain control of their lives. Survival was released by Pan Macmillan in June 1999 and its print run went to 35,000 copies within the first week. In 2002, Survival was adapted for the screen in the Ten Network’s top rating telemovie, Heroes’ Mountain. Survival also won a Gold Plaque for Best Telemovie and Silver Hugo for Best Achievement in Direction at the Chicago Film Festival. In May 2012 Survival was re-published as an ebook with new chapters that cover his life since his biography was first published.

Stuart continues to support the Salvation Army who were instrumental in the rescue operation at Thredbo on 30 July 1997.