Logan Kelly

Logan Kelly


Ipswich-based teenager Logan Kelly is passionate about his cars, soccer, golf and he has a black belt in karate. The Queensland state karate rep also sings, acts, dances and has a drag alter ego, Candy Featherbottom. Logan is quite possibly the youngest drag queen to have ever strutted an Aussie stage, if not the world.

Logan caught the attention of national media after being featured in the 2021 film ‘Bowled Over’ which was broadcast on SBS as part of the Australia Uncovered series. Set around a monthly drag show called Taboo, staged in an Ipswich lawn bowls club, Bowled Over: The Dragumentary follows three fabulous drag queens as they confront some major personal challenges over the course of a very “frocky” year. Logan was 12 during filming and just starting out in the art form. He first hit Taboo’s rickety stage following years of sitting in front of it – as a devoted patron – and after an incidental challenge to a ‘drag off’ against regular performer, Mya Crafone.

Logan views drag as a perfect pathway to an acting career (The Genie in Aladdin is his dream role, as well as a James Bond villain), and he’s already working hard and well on track to achieving his ultimate goal of becoming a triple threat performer – like that of his hero, Hugh Jackman.

In 2023, Logan will launch his own podcast in partnership with Brisbane based Podcast platform Podshape.

As a teen with broad interests in a fast paced world, Logan’s philosophy is one of inclusion and that everyone deserves to live freely just as they are.


Candy Featherbottom’s drag journey began at the age of 11, after being challenged to a drag-off at her very first Taboo show. This performance ignited her passion for drag and stage performance. She has come to think of Taboo as her second home and “happy place”, where she can see all of her favourite drag queens perform, and learn more about the art of drag.

Candy idolises and is inspired by her favourite drag queens, Crystal Heart, Wanda Sparke, Martini Ice, Tyranny, Justine Deeva, Carrie MeClutch and, of course, RuPaul. She learns so much each time she gets to see them in a show, and feels lucky to be able to follow in the footsteps of such professional & experienced performers.

Candy’s short-term goals are to work on her drag skills and to hopefully perform more regularly at Taboo. Her long-term goals are to help make a change in the way people see the LGBTIQ community, and she hopes that the world will become totally accepting of everyone, no matter what their race, religion, or who they choose to love. She also hopes that by being a part of this documentary, she can help parents to see that their kids can be anything they want to be and, by supporting them to do that, their kids will be happier people.