Bram Connolly DSM

Bram Connolly DSM

Author, Leadership Training & Speaker

Bram Connolly is an author, podcast host and experienced leader with over twenty years’ experience within the Australian Defence Force, 15 years of which was spent in the Australian Special Forces. Bram’s roles have ranged from the head of selection for Special Forces through to leading professional combat soldiers in war zones such as East Timor and Afghanistan.

Bram has received an accolade of awards including the Distinguished Service Medal with the Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan on Australia Day in 2012, Special Operations Australian commendations and Student of Merit.

Bram is the Managing Director of Hindsight, a global leadership consultancy providing meaningful career progression for high-performing veterans. Since 2012 Bram has consulted to the UAE Government on leadership, managed multiple stakeholders in the delivery of travel risk planning, emergency management and has designed crisis recovery plans for global businesses such as BHP Billiton, ExxonMobil and LINFOX.

The WarriorU podcast is hosted by Bram and features special guests that will expand your thinking and knowledge surrounding topics ranging from human optimisation to entrepreneurialism, leadership and resilience. As the author of two military thrillers – The Fighting Season and Off Reservation – both published by Allen & Unwin, Bram takes you deep into the authentic world of high-intensity combat that few have experienced. His third book will be released shortly.

Bram holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, is a Certified Project Director, has an Advanced Diploma of Government, a Graduate Certificate in Management and Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.