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THIS. is the film and television production studio founded by the award-winning documentary makers, writers and producers Michael Lawrence and Nicholas Cook. It’s a tribal sort of mentality, success built on loyal partnerships, and one that THIS. Film Studio shares with M&C Saatchi.

THIS. probes the dramatic potential of the human spirit. We use the inspiration of real-life stories to create persuasive television and cinema. THIS. works with brands, people and platforms to make a difference, creatively and commercially.

THIS. makes short stories and TVCs by exploring the purpose of the project and mixing in the brand’s DNA for an elevated outcome.

THIS. creates stories with brands. Stories often find a perfect home aligned with a brand partner. Other times, brands seek to generate a story which represents who they are. Either way, THIS. aligns brands and stories in a synergy of creation and authenticity.

THIS. makes feature documentaries and broadcast TV. At THIS. they find real-life inspirational stories and adapt them to full-length feature documentaries and recurring TV series. Some stories just need to be told.

The Making of Proximity Episodes