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In the middle of 2009, Tony Gilham was introduced to HMMG by an existing client. Tony needed help telling his story. Tony was the Gilham family member to fight tirelessly for over a decade to see his nephew Jeffrey found guilty for the murder of three members of his family. Through this battle he lost everything including his own marriage, his home and his business but he didn’t stop until justice was achieved and his brother and sister in law could rest in peace with their son Christopher. Jeffrey was sentenced to two life sentences in November 2008.

Working and developing ideas with Playmaker Media while they were shooting the Maria Korp story for Nine, HMMG focused the direction for Tony’s story to television. By mid 2010, David Maher and David Taylor had optioned Robin Bowles’ book, Blood Brother: Justice at Last and engaged Tony Gilham as a consultant on the telemovie.

Tony Gilham said of Playmaker Media, “They understood the depth of the story and my perspective and were careful to ensure that I had a voice during the development of the script and production.” When Tony Gilham met Tony Martin who was set to play him in Blood Brothers, “It was good to meet Tony. He is a great guy. He was shocked by some of what I had been through over that 14 year period. We spent a few hours together just talking.”

HMMG is excited to see Tony Gilham’s story be told as an another fantastic Australian drama goes to air this Sunday.

Blood Brothers will air on the Nine Network on Sunday 8 May at 8.30pm.