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HMMG is thrilled with Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren’s win at the 2011 Optus One80 Project. Christiaan and Connor won the Judges Choice Award for their video Sick.

We first met Christiaan van Vuuren, the outdoor media sales rep, in an isolation room at Sydney Hospital in June 2010.  He had been in isolation for 5 months at the time after being diagnosed with Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. Trapped and isolated, completely removed from his independence and freedom, Christiaan began communicating with the outside world, escaping his confines through social media.  His younger brother Connor, an actor and stunt man, donned a mask and gloves for brief visits in isolation, helping Christiaan write and produce his comedy rap videos.  All the while a massive online fan base began to assemble.  The brothers began skilling themselves up on a range of different cameras and editing tools, and set up a YouTube channel to broadcast their work with Facebook and Twitter to promote it.

Christiaan and Connor began broadcasting their first web series while exploring further outlets. During this time, the Optus One80 Project crossed their desks. Christiaan and Connor produced Sick in only a few days and wearily submitted their entry after a three day creation-bender.

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