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This month Tara Moss will launch a new video series, ‘Sewing Vintage With Tara Moss’, brought to you by Bernina. Tara (and her vintage alter ego, Victory Lamour) was announced as Patron for the Australian Sewing Guild in October last year after taking up sewing for the first time.

“I am delighted to be able bring a new video series to you, ‘Sewing Vintage With Tara Moss’, where I will bring experts on to share their wisdom and techniques on vintage-style dressmaking, grading patterns and altering clothes to fit you, putting in zips, boning a bodice, hand sewing, getting to know your machine and more, so you can join me on the journey as I continue to learn. We’ll cover tutorials on everything you’ll need to know to make your own vintage-style clothing, and I’ll vlog some of my unique projects, like making reproduction Landy Army overalls, custom corsets and cosplay outfits. Shot by my husband Berndt Sellheim at our home, and supported by my friends at Bernina, this is a series I am excited to bring to you.” Tara said on her vintage persona blog,

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