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The author of six bestselling books, Lola Berry’s latest cookbook ‘Lola Berry’s Summer Food’ is sure to be added to that list as it includes 60+ fresh recipes and simple detox tips to kickstart your summer!

Inside you will find a lot of Lola’s favourite fresh and wholesome recipes, it is all about simple steps to ensure you have the easiest and best way of making smart food swaps, eating more greens which will nourish your body and mind. Expect a lot of colour from this little book of goodness, not just from the pages but from the always delicious and healthy recipes. Apart from Lola’s wholefood-based meals, she has included simple natural beauty ideas and easy detox tips that you can do at home or with friends.

Most of all it’s about enjoying light and nourishing wholefood-based meals that really make you feel clear, crisp and radiant.

“Summer is a time to celebrate with family and friends, to eat seasonally and to enjoy every bite. It’s also the time of year we want to look and feel our very best.” – LB



Cover image courtesy of Plum Books