Live Happier Live Longer by Dr Tim Sharp released today

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Dr Tim Sharp is a leading expert on all things Happy. Armed with three degrees in psychology, he is Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute, Australia’s first organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, couples, families and organisations.

His latest happiness crusade is focused on ‘Positive Ageing’. Defined by Dr Sharp as “the process during which people maintain health and happiness, wellness and success, stay fit and healthy, and continue to thrive and flourish as they age.” He began to notice that with so many medical improvements the ageing population hadn’t begun to prepare themselves for the gift of more time, and from a lack of advice about positive ageing his latest book Live Happier Live Longer was born.

A combination of practical information, inspiring anecdotes and the latest in medical findings, Tim has boiled down the scientific side to create the ultimate handbook to achieving ageing as a process of growth, wisdom and maturity not illness or decline.

This is the 6th book from Dr Tim Sharp.

Live Happier Live Longer is published by Allen&Unwin and is available from today. Click here to read the full press release from Allen&Unwin here.