Lauren Miller Celebrates 20 Years in the Business

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From Receptionist to CEO, Lauren Miller, celebrated 20 years at HMMG (formerly Harry M Miller Group) with present and past clients, friends and family at The Light Brigade in Woollahra. Lauren has evolved with the ever changing media landscape leading HMMG to be one of the most recognised brands in the Australian media, arts and entertainment industry.

Osher Günsberg introduced Lauren for the night and spoke of her has a “kind, smart, lion-hearted woman whom I would follow into battle any day of the goddamn week”. This resonated with all in the room including Maggie Tabberer, Tara Moss, Peter Morrissey, Naomi Simson and Lola Berry, just to name a few.

From her start in 1997, in 2010 Lauren took over ownership of HMMG under a new structure, managed an innovation shift, an office move and a reinvigorated offering representing high profile and emerging, media, literary and producer talent.  The times of representing more than 120 Big Brother contestants was over as Lauren turned her focus to the future of the business as a leading force in developing, creating and commercialising talent brand assets.

Here’s to the next 20 years where Lauren will continue to reinvent what HMMG does, setting industry standards and the tone for the industry.



Photos by Chris Pavlich

With thanks to Nikstar, Niki White and Belinda White for helping organise the special event.