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HMMG continues to seek out and develop new Australian talent.  What we look for is not only a future media star but a proactive creative collaborator.  Yas London ticks all the boxes and was signed to HMMG in December 2010.  Yas has been working on her own concepts for television and currently has one project in development with Freehand.

With a career that spans across a diverse range of industries, Yas London has always had a passion for discovering the best things in life.  From her career as a professional swimmer to a police officer, this young vivacious television presenter is creating a stir and turning heads.  Born and raised in Sydney Yas is fast becoming sought after talent in the entertainment industry – she’s a fresh face with the goods to back it up.

Click here to read more about Yas or contact Clint Salter on [email protected] or 02 8353 2453.