HMMG and Garage Entertainment today announced an agency agreement between the two companies. Garage is the second producer to join HMMG’s stable of media, literary and producer talent.

Garage Entertainment is a media and a multi-award winning production company specialising in stories about the Adventurous Spirit. They aim to entertain and inspire you…. every time! Garage Entertainment not only create and produce world-class universal stories, they also find them the right homes.

Started by childhood friends Michael Lawrence and Nicholas Cook and joined in recent years by ‘soulpreneur’ Mark Maloney, Garage Entertainment have been responsible for such significant stories as Bra Boys, Fighting Fear, The CREW television series (3 seasons, 36 episodes currently on air for Fox Sports and Channel 9) and Missing (a Mick Fanning documentary).

Garage CEO and Founder Michael Lawrence said: “It is with great pride and excitement that Garage enters into our relationship with Lauren and the HMMG business. I have known Lauren for years and we both get excited and have a shared vision about using both traditional and digital ways to tell and distribute short and long stories. Lauren and her team really embrace the branded content space and we look forward to doing different, cool and authentic things together.”

Garage has existing branded partnerships and collaborations with some of the most significant local and international brands and expanding that reach as more global brands start to enter the adventure sports arena.

HMMG and Garage will present, sell and deliver detailed packaged concepts, as well as on and off screen talent to brands, their agencies and broadcasters of content. The added advantage being Garage’s digital distribution network to make content travel even further.

Over the next 12 months Garage are going to bring-to-life four new projects; Surf Film making legend Taylor Steele’s new film Proximity (the Director and man responsible for Corona and HP TVC’s), a new feature length documentary called You & Me (possibly the greatest love story ever told), Fearless Film Festival in February and a more inclusive and inspirational entrepreneurs television series called The Tow (The X Factor for Entrepreneur’s TV show).