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The upcoming exhibition, ‘Heart of the Waratah’ by famous Australian designer, Jenny Kee, is an exploration of the form and personal spiritual meaning of the waratah.

“I want to share my passion for the waratah: the flower that has become my totem, the symbol of my fiery emotions. I live surrounded by native bushland that is frequently ravaged by fires. After fire, waratahs are like flames exploding into bloom from their bed of ashes, big crimson hearts opening to the sun. I am always astonished that such beauty can spring from such devastation. I see waratahs as the essence of fire – from the destruction comes rebirth. From personal tragedy I have been reborn through creating art – transforming pain into joyous beauty – that is the waratah” – Jenny Kee.

The exhibition, consisting of a series of 24 oil stick drawings on paper, will open at Hat Hill Gallery in Blackheath, Blue Mountains, on Saturday evening, 24th October 2009 between 6pm-8pm.

To download the invitation to the event click here.