Happy New Financial Year

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The team at HMMG are taking the start of July very seriously. Today we commence a three day detox (juices for everyone), end of year financial reporting sent out and an audit of office productivity and workflow.

We called upon client, interior designer and television personality Juliet Love, to share some simple tips on creating a beautiful, functional workspace for the new financial year.

An inspiring work environment that is clean and clutter-free helps with productivity, and ultimately career success. Follow these simple tips to create a space you will look forward to working in every day.

De-clutter for positive energy flow
The first, and most important, element to creating a successful work environment is to de-clutter your work space. That means a proper clear out, not just a clean up! And with the new financial year upon us, now is the perfect time to do it! Go through any piles of paperwork that have been left to languish on your desk, throw out any unnecessary bits and pieces, and create a clear work surface. The only things that should be on your desk are absolute necessities. Keep a spray bottle of cleaning fluid, or some cleaning wipes, on hand to use weekly to wipe down surfaces, as well as your phone. This will keep dust and any nasties at bay.

Establish a user friendly filing system
A filing system is essential in every office. Freestanding filing cabinets can be purchased in various sizes and make sorting and finding files so much easier. Even if you only have room for a filing folder, get one! If you can’t delegate your filing to someone else (I often wish the filing fairy would pop by my office!), dedicate a couple of times each week to it – Monday and Thursday mornings generally work well, then paperwork won’t pile up on your desk.

Get an office plant
Electrical equipment can affect air quality and with modern technology we are all surrounded by computers, faxes, and printers! Research has shown that indoor plants can actually purify the air. For this reason it’s important to include a hardy indoor plant in your office. Some good choices include peace lilies or lady palms. Place them in an attractive pot to enhance the visual beauty in the room, water them weekly, and feed them with a slow release fertiliser twice yearly. Similarly, a pretty bunch of flowers can brighten up your desk and make those inevitable difficult days easier! Treat yourself every few weeks and your productivity is guaranteed to increase!

Place inspiration around you
Use a pin board above or next to your desk to place anything that inspires you. Cards or notes from clients and friends, tear sheets from magazines that you love, as well as photos of family and friends are some good choices to start with. An inspiring quote printed out in large font can also keep you focussed. You can even take this a step further and make your own ‘Vision Board’ that reflects your career goals to keep you on the path to success.

Add personality to your work space
Find a beautiful, inexpensive fabric or wallpaper design that you love, wrap it around a ready made art canvas (from an art supply or variety store), secure it at the back with a hot glue gun, and voila! Instant art that will make you smile. Alternatively you could source a collection of inexpensive second hand photo frames, spray paint them all a fun colour (pops of bright colour are fashionable right now – think hot pink, orange or aqua) and fill them with black and white photos from your own collection. Place them on the wall in a random fashion, clustered together. Every time you look up you’ll think happy thoughts!

Now let’s get to it!