Stuart Diver

The rescue and miraculous survival of Stuart Diver after 65 hours buried in freezing rubble and debris, captured the attention of a nation and proved to be a story of courage against adversity. Stuart rebuilt his life at Thredbo and he continued to work in the ski school for many years. After some time away […]

Phillip Scott

Phil has been performing solo cabaret at the piano since 1983 (A Legend in His Own Mind) and has appeared in all major Australian cities including several previous visits to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. As a writer, Phil’s cabaret shows include Newley Discovered (starring Hugh Sheridan, written with Dean Bryant), Pop Princess, Fat Swan and Little Orphan Trashley (all with Trevor […]

Michael Ware

Michael Ware is the multi-award-winning director and producer of the HBO documentary Only the Dead, an unflinching and gritty chronicle of his near-decade long coverage of the Iraq War. Prior to forming the independent TV and film company, Penance, Ware was Chief Primetime Foreign Correspondent for CNN, reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, the Republic of […]

Gus Worland

GUS WORLAND TED SPEAKER. MENTAL FITNESS CAMPAIGNER. MEDIA IDENTITY. Much loved Australian television and radio host, and passionate advocate for building the mental fitness of Australians. GUS WANTS ALL AUSTRALIANS TO HAVE THEIR GOTCHA4LIFE MATE. Gus founded Gotcha4Life in 2017, following the success of the ABC series Man Up and losing a very close friend and life […]

Bram Connolly DSM

Bram Connolly is an author, podcast host and experienced leader with over twenty years’ experience within the Australian Defence Force, 15 years of which was spent in the Australian Special Forces. Bram’s roles have ranged from the head of selection for Special Forces through to leading professional combat soldiers in war zones such as East […]

Ace Bourke

Born in Sydney in 1946, Ace Bourke has become one of Australia’s leading art curators, a pioneer in the field of Aboriginal art and a colonial art specialist, staging numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions. Ace hopes to again immerse himself in wildlife and conservation projects, to help tackle the world’s urgent environmental issues. HMMG represents Ace […]