Channel [V]’s Danny Clayton hosts new season of ‘B430 – Live Like a Local’

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Channel [V] personality Danny Clayton is living the dream as he hits the road in the ultimate bucket list travel show for Channel [V]s revamped series of B430 – Live Like a Local.

B430 – Live Like a Local is the definitive guide to things you must do overseas before you hit the big 3-0. This time round, B430 is here to unlock the local knowledge tourists miss out on and show you how to truly “Live Like A Local”.

In this six-part local production, Danny takes viewers to a different destination in each episode, visiting Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Barcelona, New York and Reykjavik in Iceland. He receives a crash course in native knowledge thanks to a cluey local who lets him in on the hidden spots tourists wouldn’t normally find. Forget those dodgy brochures at the travel agent, overpriced tours, iconic structures crammed with tourists, souvenir shops, and hustlers; instead B430 – Live Like A Local will show you what a place is really like and offer a checklist of must-see locations your friends probably don’t know about yet.

This local production made by Foxtel, premieres exclusively on Channel [V] Wednesdays from November 18 at 9.30pm on Foxtel.