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Today the ABC announced their 2017 programming slate which notably included a new factual series, Cyberhate with Tara Moss. Tara Moss is an Executive Producer, Co-Writer and Presenter on the project, which was developed alongside The Full Box. The 6-part series will premiere in March 2017 on iview and ABC2.

Cyberhate with Tara Moss explores how the internet has given the world a voice, and attempts to understand why some use their voice to shame, bully and brutalise. In this revealing six-part series, author, journalist, TV presenter and human rights advocate, Tara Moss, will guide viewers to the darkest corners of the web to uncover the world of cyber violence and share her own story of dealing with online threats, anger, trolls and acclaim from Q&A to ‘Lipstick-gate’. Through interviews, discussion and cutting edge science, this series will investigate why fury is reshaping the online world. At the same time, Tara will guide us through the complexities of online ethics and digital democracy.

Watch the preview here: