BRA BOY: Surfer, Fighter, Larrikin – Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik with Sean Doherty

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Bra Boy Surfer, fighter, larrikin

Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik with Sean Doherty

“He took so many wipeouts…That was literally a cage match verse him and mother nature and as far as I’m concerned he won.”

Dave Wassel, Live from the Red Bull Cape Fear Challenge


Richie Vaculik Stats


1             First Australian flyweight to be signed to the UFC

2.5          Number of hours spent fighting in the cage

3.5          Number of minutes he has held his breath under water

6             Number of kilos he can lose in the 24 hours before a fight

9.5          Number of kilos he can gain in the 24 hours after a weigh in

10          UFC wins

18           Height in metres of the tallest wave he’s surfed

50           Speed in km/hr he’s travelled on a wave

80           Number of kids who’ve been helped as part of his PCYC program


To outsiders, Maroubra seemed like another world. It was Sydney’s toughest beach, ruled by a tribe of tattooed surfers named the ‘Bra Boys’, already notorious for mixing mateship with mayhem. But to young Richie Vaculik, Maroubra Beach was his playground and the Bra Boys were like family. Richie’s ‘poor risk assessment’ and fearlessness were legendary in the surf but also landed him in trouble with the law.
Bra Boy is Richie’s account of those wild days, when fuelled by adrenalin and anarchy he took on monster waves, monster nights out and several levels of authority. It’s also an account of how he turned his life around, took up mixed martial arts, was signed by the UFC and fought on the biggest card in the sport’s history. Gripping, outrageous and hugely entertaining, it’s a story told with Richie’s trademark humour and an insight uncommon on the street. As his mate reckons, ‘He’s the only guy I know who gets punched in the head and gets smarter.’



Richie and fellow big wave surfer Mark Mathews were the stars of Garage Entertainment’s Fighting Fear, a documentary about their lives as Bra Boys, surfers and Richie’s MMA career. Richie is co-host of Fox Sport’s weekly UFC show, and is also one of the three stars of the long-running television series The Crew, also produced by Garage Entertainment.




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