HarperCollinsPublishers to publish the memoir of Osher Günsberg, one of Australia’s most-loved media personalities

Everyone knows Osher Günsberg. He’s been high profile in the Australian entertainment landscape for what feels like forever – from his early start on Brisbane radio, the jump to television in 1999 on Channel V, his role on the ratings winner Australian Idol, and now hosting the incredibly successful The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series, he has always been on our television screens: smiling, funny and charming. What was happening behind the cameras was a different story.

Struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and weight issues since he was young, he tried for years to drink away the anxiety and depression. In 2014, he ended up unemployed, divorced, and battling psychosis on the other side of the world – yet somehow he managed to put the broken pieces back together and make a life for himself again. He lives with a mental illness yet shows it’s no barrier to an authentic, rich and fulfilling life if that illness is well managed.

His memoir will be honest, revealing, raw, funny, thought-provoking and heartfelt.

Osher Günsberg says: ‘I am so excited about telling my story with HarperCollins. I hope this book will play a small part in addressing the stigma around mental illness and help foster an environment of understanding and compassion’.

Publisher Catherine Milne says: ‘I can’t wait to take Osher’s story to readers everywhere – this will be an entertaining, upfront, incredibly timely and important story.’

HarperCollins will publish Osher’s memoir in September 2018.

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