Australian Press Council publishes adjudication in regards to Osher Günsberg and the Daily Mail

The Australian Press Council has published the adjudication in regards to Osher Günsberg and the intrusive shirtless photos from September 2016 by the Daily Mail. Read the official report here.

It was the Council’s conclusion that despite Günsberg being a public figure, he has not forfeited his right to privacy altogether and that as the subject matter of the article did not relate to Günsberg’s public activities, there was no public interest to justify such an intrusion of his privacy.

Osher said “I welcome the release of the Australian Press Council findings today that acknowledges that everyone has a right to some level of privacy. It was important to me to make a stand, regardless of the outcome”.

HMMG CEO, Lauren Miller Cilento, said “We will take this as a win for privacy! The process itself has been quite the learning experience. Props to Osher for seeing it through with calm class.”